The data for this calendar is calculated with Solar Fire 8 on Windows XP.

For this calendar to display with the correct times, you must have your Google time zone settings set correctly.  It's possible they are already set correctly by default. To check, see this page:

To add this calendar to your own Google calendar and Android: 

    1.    You must have a google account and be logged in.  Go to
           Click the down-arrow next to Other calendars in the left column. A popup menu will appear.
    2.    Select Add by URL from the popup menu     
    3.    Enter this ical address in the field provided:
    4.    Click the Add Calendar button. The calendar will appear in the Other Calendars section of the calendar list to the left.  The events in the calendar will appear in your Calendar app on your Android - assuming you are using the same Google login account on it.

If you find your Android Calendar app has duplicate entries, or other weird problems, you can reset it by unlinking to the main Transit Calendar.  Then clear the cache like this:
Go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications
Press the menu button and choose "filter"
Select "ALL"
Go to "Calendar Storage" click on it
Press "Clear data"

This should delete all the calendar data on your device.  Now relink to the Transit Calendar.

See this page for more info:

Subscribe to a daily agenda of this calendar through your Google account.  Sign into Google, go to and in the left sidebar you'll see an Add button.  Click the Add button, then click Add by URL and enter this iCal url:

Click on Settings, then Notifications next to Transit Calendar to have a daily agenda of transits sent to you.

For iPhone setup see:   how-to-sync-your-google-calendar-to-your-iphone

Download iCal Calendar file:  iCal Calendar