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2018 Election Results

Before our recent election this last summer - NCGR-LA hadn't had reasonable, legal and anonymous elections in many years. The voting has in the past been by a show of hands in a meeting which included non-members. NCGR is a national non-profit corporation with rules. One of them is that only national NCGR members can vote in local chapter elections.  

Thanks to a number of people - a reorganization was put together. A fully fair, by-the-book, legal election was held in July (2018) (thank you Shelby for putting that together!) At the time there were only 18 dues-paying national NCGR members. 

Those 18 members were all contacted via phone or email and asked to vote for a new board online via This allowed a fully anonymous election.  11 people voted: 8 for Gaye Nelson, and 3 for Sue.  7 people declined to vote.

NCGR-LA President's To-Do List

The President of the LA Chapter of NCGR needs to either do these tasks, or delegate them:

  •     Speakers need to be secured for meetings. This involves a bit of PR, networking, and being a responsible communicator. Speakers who don't live in the area will need a place to stay, transportation, and often have many questions that need to be answered quickly.
  •     Contract with restaurant each month for meeting with appropriate room and equipment.
  •     Run the monthly meetings. Make sure all necessary equipment is there and working.  Arrange the room appropriately. These tasks require being there early, before the meeting starts.
  •     Communicate with NCGR parent-national, including meeting info. National sends out an email with local meeting info monthly, and publishes information about our chapter's meetings on it's website.
  •     Communicate with members via many sources including email,, the website and paper mail. Keep email addresses up-to-date in the mail program. Emailing requires an account on a mass mailer like Mailchimp.
  •     Manage the meetup group. This requires being the organizer, paying for the account, managing members, etc.
  •     Setup and run board meetings. Make sure that elections are run correctly and to NCGR national standards.  A website like Survey Monkey works well.
  •     Manage the website which is not trivial. Posting info about speakers involves securing their talk info well in advance, as well as a photo. 
  •     Finances need to be managed or overseen. Paperwork and financials need to be filed regularly with national NCGR.

Below is an excerpt from
NCGR National about local chapters.
This is part of the standard we as a local chapter
need to strive to stand up to.


Section 1. A local Chapter of NCGR is defined as a group of members who represent a geographical region and who have obtained a Charter from NCGR to conduct research and educational projects along the lines described in Article II.

Section 2. A local Chapter may be granted a Charter by the Board of Directors upon fulfillment of the following requirements:

(a) A minimum of ten NCGR members in good standing who have joined together to form a local chapter of NCGR shall petition the National NCGR in writing to provide them with a Charter.
(b) As part of their petition a set of by-laws written and approved by this group shall be presented at least 30 days in advance of the Board meeting where their Charter will be considered. These by-laws shall conform to the National by-laws and not contradict them in any way. These by-laws shall be examined and approved either by the National Board or by the Executive Committee of the Board.
(c) A slate of Officers having been duly elected as the governing Council of the Chapter by this group shall also be presented to the National Board along with their petition for Charter.
(d) Upon approval by the Board of Directors, and payment of any initiation fee set by the Board, the Chapter can be provisionally accepted by NCGR for a one year period prior to final Chartering.
(e) Should more than one chapter apply for membership within a local geographic area, the Chapter which firsts presents its application, shall be considered first for acceptance.
(f) No Chapter shall be considered for Charter by the Board until it has met all of the obligations required of it. The Director of Chapter Development shall insure that these obligations have been met.
(g) After a Chapter’s one year provisional period, and without further request by that Chapter, the Board shall review the Chapter’s original application and subsequent activities at their next regularly scheduled meeting. If the Board then so determines, that Chapter’s provisional Charter shall be replaced with a final Charter. The Chapter shall then enjoy all of the rights, privileges, and duties conveyed with that status.

Section 3.  The Chapters shall function as regional organizations chartered by the Board of Directors. Each Chapter shall function under the leadership of Officers and Chairpersons constituting themselves as a Chapter Council in accordance with the Corporation’s and that Chapter’s by-laws.
Section 4.  Once chartered as a chapter within NCGR the Chapter is free to conduct its affairs in accordance with the purposes stated in Article II of these by-laws, write its own laws, set its dues structure in addition to that required by the National NCGR, and elect its leadership. This relative freedom must be balanced against the ultimate responsibility for upholding the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws and the Chapter’s own Charter.

Section 5. Each Chapter is expected to maintain its fiscal integrity without relying upon help from the National Treasury. Each Chapter is also expected to: a) make an effort to correlate its projects with those of the other Chapters and of the National Board; and b) insure of its compliance with all filing, licensing, and reporting requirements for any relevant federal, state, and/or local agencies.

Section 6.  The local Chapters shall specifically seek to integrate their programs with those of the other Chapters in NCGR by establishing liaison with the appropriate Department Head.

Section 7. Each Chapter shall submit an annual written report to the Board through the Director of Chapter Affairs, and also submit an annual fiscal report to the Treasurer.

Section 8.  Local Chapters may levy dues upon its members in addition to the Annual dues required by the National NCGR. Local Chapters shall not interfere with the National NCGR’s dues collecting procedures.

Section 9.  The Chapter Charter granted by the NCGR Board carries both a privilege and an obligation. This Charter may be revoked by a majority vote of the Board for any cause whatsoever.

Section 10. Should it become necessary to revoke a Chapter’s Charter that Chapter then becomes entitled to a written notification of the Board’s action. This notification, which shall be mailed by the Clerk of NCGR to the Chapter Senior Officer within 30 days of the NCGR Board’s decision, shall contain the reasons why their Charter has been revoked. The Chapter shall then have 30 days from that notification date to make a written appeal to the NCGR Board stating their reasons, if any, for objecting to the Charter revocation. If this is done then the NCGR Board will have an additional 30 days in which to reconsider their earlier decision and to so notify the Chapter of their reconsideration, if any.

Section 11.  A chapter my withdraw and/or be subject to dissolution as follows: Should the chapter wish to dissolve or become dissolved, after all financial obligations are met, the Treasurer shall return all remaining monies and assets to the Executive Secretary of National, along wit chapter records, etc.

Should the chapter membership vote to withdraw from NCGR, the chapter President shall write to NCGR's Executive Secretary explaining the reasons for such action. Such withdrawal may not become effective for sixty days following the receipt of such letter by the Executive Secretary. Withdrawal from NCGR cannot be effected witout the specific approval of two-thirds of all members of the chapter.