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Wednesday, March 27   6-9 pm


Astrological Markers of

with Gayle Geffner

Members $10 / Guests $15

Astrologer Gayle Geffner, through her personal and consulting experience, has done considerable work with people who suffer from attention deficit and/or hyperactivity disorders, ADD and ADHD, or who have close associates who do. Through this she has developed a sense of factors and patterns in their horoscopes that are sufficiently notable to be considered "markers" of these conditions.

Among the markers, she found the asteroid Hidalgo to be particularly significant. Gayle works a lot with this asteroid which can give those with ADD or ADHD a very good feeling about themselves - rather than the opposite which they may feel much of their lives. It is a large help to all to understand the karmic reasoning and coping mechanisms.

One example is a man who was never diagnosed until much later in life. He saw his records as a child over a teacher's shoulder - they said he cannot learn but is not a problem - just pass him along. Can you imagine how devastating? He now holds a Ph.D. in education.

Gayle's book introduces asteroid 944 Hidalgo which acts as a catalyst with other placements.