The Zeitgeist Aspect

Notes from

NCGR’s October 18, 2012 Meeting

Uranus-Pluto talk by Sheldon Rosner

Uranus – Pluto: The economy, election and world events

Neptune-Pluto (500 year cycle) conjoined at 7 Gemini 1892 General Electric formed
US Masonic Chart is used (2:22 PM)
Uranus-Pluto angles in US history and other significant outer planet conjunctions
1892 Neptune-Pluto conj 7 Gemini - Illumination that transformed the world with electricity
1901 Jupiter conj Saturn in Capricorn
1901 Uranus opposite Pluto changed the world technologically and mechanically while the Progressive movement improved the lives of workers and citizens
1913 Federal Reserve Act Sun 1 Cap op Pluto 0 Cancer (Est. IRS and The Fed)
1914 WWI Jupiter conj Uranus in Aquarius; Saturn conj Pluto in Cancer
1920 Jupiter/Neptune in Leo Prohibition/Women’s Voting Rights
1921 Jupiter conj Saturn in Virgo
Feb 1928 Saturn conj S Node
1929 Stock Market Crash Solar Eclipse 8 Scorpio conj S Node Quincunx Uranus
Depressions often occur a year or so after Saturn conjoins the S Node (with other economic factors included)

3-3-33 Uranus sq Pluto - Hitler and FDR ascend to end Great Depression, begin New Deal, massive droughts in Midwest, devastating floods in China
1938 Pluto enters Leo and Hitler invades Poland
1940 Jupiter conj Saturn in Taurus
1941-42 Pluto conj US N Node – WWII draws US in

1953-54 Uranus conj S Node square Neptune (Iran-BP/CIA, Guatemala coups; Bliderburg Group)
In the last quarter of the cycle, the world has been reordered geopolitically
1961 Jupiter conj Saturn in Capricorn
2/4/62- 7 planets align on the Aquarius S Node
1965-66 Uranus conj Pluto in Virgo op Saturn in Pisces - Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Women’s Lib, Medicare
1969 Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto conjoin S Node

1973 Saturn sq Pluto ALEC, Heritage Foundation, Trilateral Commission
Stock Market Crash gives rise to “Stagflation”
Sept 1973 Saturn conj S Node
11/4/79 Iran Hostage Crisis begins Jupiter conj Virgo N Node sq Mercury in Sag
1981 Jupiter conj Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Libra
Nov 1983 Pluto enters Scorpio

Jan 1985 Saturn conj S Node
Oct 19 1987 Stock Market Crash
1988 Saturn conj Uranus 3x 27-29 Sag S&L Crisis (2008 Pluto 29 Sag) Housing bubble bursts
Early 90’s – Uranus conj Neptune –Liberation from religion; internet business and music downloads begin 1999 just as Neptune enters Aquarius
May 3, 2000 6 planets and the Moon line up in Taurus (including Jupiter conj Saturn) square Uranus
9-2001 Saturn op Pluto conj the Sibley ASC

10-15-07 warning Venus/Saturn/S Node Virgo Sq Moon/Jupiter (working people lose a lot of money in the market)
8/12/08 housing and market crash imminent
9/29/08 Dow drops 777 points, biggest single day drop ever
12-24-09 Mars Leo op Jupiter/Neptune in AQ spurring tsunamis, earthquakes; in Haiti and Chile
1-14/15-10 Longest Solar Eclipse of century 25 Cap
Apr 2010 Saturn opposite Uranus (last time was ‘65-‘66) A long-repressed awakening shifting power
China quake; Iceland volcano, BP Deepwater Horizon, S&P downgrades Greece’s credit rating, Stock Market declines precipitously
May ’10 EU Bailout discussions – Ireland, Spain, etc
July - Saturn enters Libra opposing Uranus entering Aries square Pluto T-Square begins
Wikileaks breaks; Pakistan floods

8-9-10 protest movement signpost triggering massive global protests and revolts
Oct ’10 Jupiter conj Uranus Rx - Indonesia volcano, quake and tsunami
1-4-11 – Tunisian street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi self-immolates, sparking Arab Spring
1-14-11 Tunis gov’t falls
Brazil deadly floods and mudslides
2/11/11 Mubarak resigns, Egypt celebrates
3/10/11 Jupiter square Pluto; Uranus conjoins Scheat (fixed star) - Fukashima Nuclear disaster amid quake/tsunami
6/4/11 Saturn op (final) Uranus sq Pluto – Volcano in Chile, Syria’s uprising
8-2011 Libya and Kaddafi fall

9-17-11 OWS From Wikipedia: “The main issues are social and  HYPERLINK "" \o "Economic inequality" economic inequality, greed, corruption and the perceived undue  HYPERLINK "" \o "Regulatory capture" influence of corporations on government—particularly from the  HYPERLINK "" \o "Financial services" financial services sector.”
October 2011, Kaddafi is captured and killed by rebels
10-23-11 Quake in Turkey
10-31-11 World population hits 7 billion
6-5-12 Transit of Venus + eclipses 
2012 Summer Solstice – Uranus sq Pluto; Jupiter sq Neptune – Revolutions breed greater prison populations, more suffering and death from earthquakes, tsunamis, drought and floods as well from political protests.
11-6-12 On Election Day Moon in Leo and Mercury retrograde bring Obama back for 4 more years.
*12/21/12 – The Mayan Calendar end date has a Boomerang Yod – Jupiter in Gemini quincunx Saturn in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn (in mutual reception) with Venus in Sagittarius at the midpoint between Saturn and Pluto. Progress through more available education is one outlet.
Nov 2013 11 degrees Scorpio solar eclipse close to the US ASC
4/22/14 Grand Cardinal Cross at 13 degrees; Jupiter on the US Sun opposite Pluto square by Mars in Libra opposed by Uranus in Aries.
4-2014 Lunar eclipse 14 Libra on the US Saturn
3/16/15 – Final square of Uranus and Pluto – Reformation of taxes
November 2045 Uranus Virgo opposes Pluto in Pisces bringing the promise of the conjunction (1966) to its fruition