March 25 Party – Int'l Astrology Day

The Master Class and NCGR-LA
announce our celebration of
International Astrology Day
All are welcome!

Our International Astrology Day celebration will be held at the home of Angel Thompson in Venice on Sunday,  March 25, 2012, doors open at 2 pm.  The Master Class and NCGR-LA will contribute sodas, drinks, chips, pretzels, and condiments.  Everyone else is invited to bring their favorite dish for the Potluck portion of the event.  If anyone wants to sell, trade, or advertise an event or meeting they are invited to bring or display their materials. We invite anyone who plays musical instruments to bring them and play.

Location:   1809 Washington Way, Venice,  CA  310-779-6878
near Abbot Kinney and Venice Blvd.  

For more information please stay tuned.  Any questions call Jack at 818-716-1765 or
Angel  at 310-779-6878.

Visit us at: