Past Meeting February 16

Speaker: Dr. Dvora Weil

Topic:  Applying the Horoscope in Couple’s Counseling

Coco's Restaurant:      18355 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana

6:00-7:30 pm - Social Gathering          7:45 pm - Speaker

Dr. Weil is an MFT psychotherapist who uses the astrological chart in her practice, as well as astrological synastry in her couple's therapy. She holds a bachelors degree in Middle Eastern Studies, a masters and PhD from Pacifica Graduate Institute in clinical psychology, and practices psychology using the Jungian approach. Her practice is in Calabasas counseling couples with relationship problems, as well as individual therapy. Dr. Weil is on the board of the Organization of Professional Astrologers, and the editor of OPA's  newsletter. She is the group leader of their 3-day workshop on astrology and relationships. Dr. Weil was born in Israel and is a former paratrooper.

In this presentation you will learn about the deep fundamental structure behind the Couple Relationship: what happens when we fall in love, how and why we attract the person we attract, and how to use astrological synastry to work through a relationship's conflicts. Just because two people have difficult aspects between them does not mean their relationship is doomed. Rather, these difficult aspects offer the key to understanding their conflict, and a guide to working through these conflicts – and achieving deeper communication and love. Dr. Weil is certified in Imago relationship therapy, and offers services to both individuals and couples facing various challenges.

If anyone has suggestions for speakers or activities, feel free to call any of our officers. Everybody is requested to come as close to 6:00 pm as possible so that we can get to our speaker in a timely fashion since we only have the room for a limited amount of time.   Adults only please – not an appropriate venue for children.

Coco's Restaurant: 18355 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana (near Reseda Blvd)
6:00-7:30 pm - Eat, Visit, and Talk Astrology
7:30 pm - Speaker
Members: $3 Visitors: $5

Note:  You can arrive as late as 7:30 pm and still catch the speaker's talk. If you do come in late, please be reminded to make as little noise as possible. 
Chapter member dues of $15.00 a year are due.  This does not apply to National NCGR members, who pay Nat'l NCGR directly. The advantage of National NCGR membership is receipt of NCGR publications. Dues are used to pay our speakers and maintain our mailing list, and pay our chapter expenses. Fees were raised by vote to $3 for members at the September 16, 2011 meeting.

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