Rose Murray’s Latest Article in Dell Horoscope Magazine

A New Angle on Compatibility
in Rose Murray’s Latest Article in
                      Dell Horoscope Magazine

Rose Murray, a member of Los Angeles NCGR, has a new article on newsstands.     Here's the press release:

In "Powerful Links Between Charts That Transform Lives," (Dell Horoscope Magazine, July 2011 issue, now on sale), relationship astrologer Rose Murray approaches compatibility from the standpoint of fortunate configurations that form between two charts.   "I found though doing much research with celebrity charts how often enhancing and mediating energies, when discovered between two person's planets, form success-producing energies that result in some very interesting and unique shared talents and opportunities. One should look for trines, kites and mystic rectangles formed between the two charts and for similar patterns or repetitions of planets."

The results can be humorous or touching at times they so exactly portray the TV shows, comedy styles or romantic relationships that result from high and unique shared energies.  Lucy and Desi and their I Love Lucy shows were a great example of this.  Their charts could practically have written their TV episodes. But there were many serious relationships as well, such as that of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash.  She had everything in her chart in exactly the right places to win his heart and transform his life.  The article also shows how goals you might hesitate to pursue on your own might seem much more reachable with a partner who fortifies your chart in very special ways. 

In the article, Murray also delves into the influences of prominent persons who have what she calls "benefactor planets". This would apply to prominent persons in any profession who have helped many people in some way. A famous surgeon who has saved many lives or a film producer with a reputation as a star maker might have such a planet, and the recipients who benefit from his unique talents and chart would have planets in sync with his planets. The benefactor planet usually indicates by its nature, house and sign in just what area of life benefits are given to those whose planets are in tune with the benefactor.

In the article, Murray used as an example Maxwell Perkins, the famous 20th century editor, who almost single-handedly shaped early 20th century literature through his development of the novels and careers of such successful authors as Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Thomas Wolfe and many others.  "There were amazing links from all to his Saturn in Gemini in his 9th house of publishing," says Rose, "a perfect benefactor planet for an editor who would shape, guide and develop his authors, despite opposition to them from others in the publishing field.  "

Says the author, "I am fascinated with the results of my research. Mars conjunct Venus or Sun conjunct Moon are some of the old staples of astrological compatibility. But we can gain a much deeper look at a relationship by observing the unique patterns of energies shared by configurations and mediating planets. Not all couples have such patterns together, but when they do, they are usually headed for success of some type."