Tribute to Robert Blaschke

Mary Plumb wrote and sent us this lovely tribute to Robert to post on our website.  Thank you Mary.

Although he had long been a speaker at astrological conferences, I was first introduced to Robert Blaschke’s work through his articles in TMA, and with his first book, Progressions.

Robert Blaschke’s book made a dazzling impression amongst seasoned astrologers. His fine mind, his unique understanding of astrology and his rare ability to communicate intricate ideas poured out of the book. Each of his subsequent books added to that initial impression, and astrologers will forever be learning from him.

Robert obviously had a formidable intellect. Although he was steeped in astrological technique and history, his contributions to astrology are especially marked by his creative brilliance. He had  many levels operating in his mind concurrently, as anyone who heard him lecture, or ever had a conversation with him, recognized. He could track dates, times, historical events and personages, and name the planetary cycles and aspects that were relevant. He could bring many layers of information, many realms of meaning together, and interpret it in his unforgettable way.

I sometimes called him with a glimmer of an idea or thought or question about a particular technique or experience with a client.  He would take my often tentative idea and give it a marvelous lift by describing a plausible theoretical underpinning, or relating it to an existing astrological technique. His was more than perspicacious; his mind was spacious, grand and deep. It was always a treasure filled time to speak with him. He always found the high notes of whatever we were talking about by placing it into a beautiful and broad astrological framework.

Robert was an exhilarating man. He lived his life strongly and deeply, never denying difficulties or pain. He embraced his life path with passion and empathized deeply with his many students and clients. He always raised the bar by his great love of astrology and by his constant demonstration of the gifts that its study offered to the practitioner. His empathy, sensitivity and humor will always stay with me.

Luckily, we have his books and lectures to keep us on our toes now that we can’t have the joy and erudition of his company. His five books create an unparallel library for the serious student and lover of astrology. The books are replete with theory and method, and cover the territory from the practical experience of being a full time astrologer, to his subtle and graceful spiritual understanding. His wonderful wife, Carol Cilliers, and his beloved daughter, Amy Rose, will be keeping his business affairs on track for the benefit of us all.

I’m on a plane now, heading to Santa Monica for Robert’s memorial service at his house. My seat is by the window. The morning clouds below are indescribably beautiful – downy pillows of gentle rose and white. The full moon is stately, and high above. There are some glimpses of mountains below. It is an exquisite and perfect view.

Robert Blaschke showed us many peaks of refined thought and loving care.  We have all learned so much from him and been helped  so much in our work as astrologers. Always supportive and encouraging, Robert was patient and kind beyond measure.

In one of our last conversations, he told me that he hoped he would have the privilege of coming back into this world again as an astrologer.

You will be deeply missed, Robert. This life will not be the same without you.

Robert Blaschke is survived by his wife Carol Cilliers Blaschke, his daughter Amy Rose Blaschke, his father Al Blaschke, his brother Jim Blaschke, his nephew Jarin Blaschke, and his niece Lauren Blaschke.

Friends of Robert's are welcome to visit his memorial website.

-Mary Plumb, 2011