Past Meeting Thursday December 16

Speaker : Barbara Ferrara
Topic :   The Mirror Zodiac

Barbara will be presenting an illustrated talk for NCGR entitled "The Mirror Zodiac". Her research, which draws on ideas first suggested by Dane Rudhyar, concentrates on the Tropical Zodiac, and the problems of, and possible solutions to interpreting Southern Hemisphere horoscopes using an art originally developed in the Northern Hemisphere.

Barbara Ferrara was born in London and attended Bristol University where she earned a BSc in Psychology. She toured Europe's U.S. military bases as a musician in the 1970s, and moved to Los Angeles in the 1980s. Barbara studied Kabala, and pursued her love of psychological astrology from books by our modern authors such as Liz Greene, March and McEvers, Joan Negus and Robert Hand. She has written articles for The Mountain Astrologer (Joni Mitchell and Bert Jansch), American Astrology (Beanie Babies to Genetic Engineering) and Dell Horoscope ( The Tarot and Astrology).

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