Jack Taube speaking in OC

October 13 Wed 6:00 PM
Polly's Bakery Cafe
23701 Moulton Parkway, Laguna Hills, CA 92653 ph: 949-380-8383 

Hosted by Laura Rose DesJardins and Marion Shanhart
Price: $12.00 per person

Jack Taube will discuss the Dark Moon, "Lilith", which he has worked with for many, many years and sees her as the most deadly and dangerous part of the horoscope.  It is important to note the house and solstice point in the chart where she appears as this has great significance.  Where she appears in the chart, according to Jack, is where there could be dire consequences and events in one's life.  He feels that whether or not this is just part of our karmic path remains open to debate.  This talk is based on the work of Ivy Jacobson and an article in the AFA bulletin.  He will share a lot of his own experiences with Lilith. Keep in mind Jack is an old time astrologer and looks at Lilith with years of experience. This should be a fascinating lecture and we all should bring our charts to see where Lilith is.

Jack Taube holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from City College in New York, and he also holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania.  In the course of his professional life, he has been a social worker, psychotherapist, family counselor, and probation officer. His avocations have been flying and yacht racing.  His interest in Astrology began when he had a mystical experience while attending an astrology class.  He has been and presently is the president of the Los Angeles Chapter of N.C.G.R. for the past 25 years, and has been teaching astrology at the Carroll Righter Institute for the past 23 years.