Meeting September 16, 2010

Speaker : Brian Evis
Topic :  Venus Retrograde

Venus goes retrograde soon at 13 Scorpio 13 – i.e.  the 14th degree of Scorpio.  Brian will look at the possibilities in everyone's chart house by house.  He will talk about the metaphysical implications of this cycle in it's combination with other aspects going on now.

For instance: with Mars and Venus in Scorpio, and Saturn in Libra, it signals bye bye time for many relationships.  However–some lucky ones will fall in love on the Direct station for the 2 weeks around November 18 when Venus turns at 27 Libra 40.  Those with 27 Libra on an angle or who have  a personal planet at that point - they can really be flying!  And – Brian will reveal some secret stuff channeled to Brian by Sepharial .... wwoooowwooooo!!!!

Brian Evis is a Certified Professional Astrologer by the International Society for Astrological Research  (ISAR).  Since 1980, he has provided astrological counseling and consulting services for thousands of clients -- including many successful leaders in the fields of entertainment and business, and fellow astrologers as well.  He has been lecturing at the Los Angeles NGCR meetings once or twice a year since 2001.