Past Meeting May 20, 2010

                        William G. Bussey
           Astrology and the 52 Playing Cards
                 The Cards of Destiny System

One of the earliest uses of our familiar deck of 52 playing cards (the true original Tarot) was in connection with an ancient system of divination.  This system combines the cards with Astrology and Numerology to create a remarkable system for revealing intricate details of the complex fabric of our lives.  

Mentioned in the Bible (Revelations) and dating back to Atlantis, this oracle is represented by a set of 90 simple reference charts which reveal not only our chosen destinies – but also the precise workings of every day of our lives with uncanny accuracy.

Kept secret until the late 1800's, this powerful oracle was only taught and practiced by a select group of Masons based in Chicago and known as "The Order of the Magi".  Since then, this amazingly unique system has become recognized as a very accurate and powerful scientific branch of metaphysics.  Sometimes called the Atlantean Oracle, it provides powerful insights into both our worldly and spiritual destiny as well as precise details regarding every area of out daily lives – past, present and future.

William G. Bussey has been devoted to Numerology and Western Sidereal Astrology for the past thirty-five years.  Twenty years ago he was introduced to this amazing card system which then became his ongoing passion.  After becoming familiar with the original teachings – and doing extensive research, he went on to create his expanded Cards of Destiny system which he now uses for both counseling and teaching in two-day workshops.  William has an international client database.  His guidance covers virtually every area including relationships, career choices, business decisions, investments, legal and real-estate, relocation and much more.  He also developed the One-Minute Compatibility Analysis.  He is a regular lecturer/reader and has appeared on radio and TV with articles in many publications and a free monthly e-email newsletter.  William is the King of Clubs.

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We are always looking for interesting speakers or topics to be discussed, and are open to suggestions. In the past, we have had some great parties, and we have gone to the racetrack (to test our astrological theories, of course).

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