Best Free Astrology Software

This is a follow-up to a discussion about astrology software we had in class at Carroll Righter's this week.

Best free astrology programs:


... by Walter Pullen. Some of this program is actually used by Astrodienst in their free astrology zone.

Runs on Windows and Mac. The Mac version is for non-intel chips only (G4, G5, etc) and is only run as a command line tool. It's not the most user friendly program and takes a little time to get used to, but is very accurate and has lots and lots of features.

TimePassages 5 for the Mac has a beginner's version which is $49.95 and is the best software for the Mac in that price range:

For web-based free astrology calculations on any computer system with internet access, go to :

This is actually the website. Click on Extended Chart Selection, near the bottom of the page, 2nd column.

To get the midpoints, click on

Then choose from the pop-up menu:
Aspect/midpoint grid chart

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