Meeting March 18

Gayle Geffner spoke at our meeting on March 18 on the Astrological Markers of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).  

In her research, Gayle has found a particular asteriod, #944 Hidalgo,  plays a large role natal charts of persons with ADD and ADHD.   She discussed why Hidalgo acts as it does in the sample charts presented.  Gayle is an international astrologer who deals with the day to day problems that affect all of us.  Rather than looking at negatives, she explains how to work through them and how to find opportunity.  She is author of "Pathways to Success; Discover Your Career Potential Through Astrology." published by ACS Publications.  Her latest book came out in October, 2009, and is entitled "Creative Step Parenting," published by the AFA.

Her articles have appeared in Aspects Magazine, Regulus Ebertin Newsletter, Baltimore NCGR Newsletter, Geocosmic Journal, NCGR E-News and Today's Astrologer.  She is co-author of Astrology at a Glance," a classroom guide for beginners.

This is a very important topic, as our schools are inundated with children having these problems and astrologers can be very helpful in guiding parents and teachers in helping these children.  This is exciting, new research.