Meeting January 21, 2010

Topic:  The choices for the US chart
Speakers:  Franciscus Huijbregts, Marc Penfield and Sheldon Rosner

How will the coming potent aspects occurring this summer affect the world, the United States and us personally.  It is imperative that we look at the US horoscope. There are three widely used charts, the Gemini rising, the Scorpio chart and the Sibley chart. To present arguments for each of these charts, we invited three prominent SoCal astrologers.

Mr. Huijbregts will discuss the Gemini and Mr. Penfield the Scorpio chart. We are all free to make up our own minds. The meeting will be in the form of a discussion with a moderator. There will be ample time for questions, so think up some good ones!

Members are reminded that annual dues are now DUE, chapter members or those desiring to be members pay  $15.00 annual dues.  National NCGR’s  are automatically members. However all member attendees pay $2.00 entrance fee, and visitors $5.00.

Note:  Carrows Restaurant has requested that we finish earlier than we have been, so please arrive as close to 6:00 pm as possible so we can get to our speaker by 7:30 pm.

We are always looking for interesting speakers or topics to be discussed, and are open to suggestions.  In the past, we have had some great parties, and we have gone to the racetrack (to test our astrological theories, of course) -- and some of us became fabulously wealthy. 

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