Tuesday Night Astrology Classes at Carroll Righter's in Hollywood

This class has been ongoing starting with Carroll Righter himself for more than 30 years. It's a great Los Angeles/Hollywood historical tradition in the fabulous home of a great astrologer. The class starts at around 7pm and is divided into 3 one-hour sessions with a 30 minute break at 9pm for coffee, tea and cookies. You can come late or leave early as you please.

There are two levels going on at once - beginner class with Jack Taube and Shawn Sykora, and advanced class with Peter Hale, Cisco Huijbregts and Dan Khoury. The advanced class looks often will take the charts of celebrites and current events and dissect them. We cover planetary nodes, rulerships, fixed stars, asteroids, house systems, etc. etc.  There is a suggested $7 donation.
Location:  1801 N. Curson St, Hollywood, 90046.   Near Hollywood Blvd. and Fairfax.

Please see the class schedule and website at: