Meeting November 19, 2009

Speaker: Charlene Whitaker
Topic: 2009 Winter Solstice

Charlene Whitaker is a well-known professional astrologer and metaphysician with more than thirty years experience in the field.  She is a counselor, teacher, lecturer, and writer.  She is the author of two well-known books, Gems of Wisdom and Candles, Mediation and Healing.  Charlene has been a participant in many radio and television talk shows, and lecturer at astrological conferences.   She is the founder and director of the Cosmic Academy of Metaphysical Arts in Canoga Park, a member of NCGR, and for eleven years a full-time teacher at the Carroll Righter Astrological Foundation.

The Winter Solstice is the time of the year when the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn.  Some astrologers feel that the Winter Solstice point emphasizes the potential for what the year ahead has to offer.  Since the Winter Solstice falls only 11 days before the New Year, it is something to consider.  Capricorn represents achievements, therefore we should reflect on the year past, and consider new decisions and priorities for the year ahead.

An ingress chart can be set for any location.  Charlene has chosen the charts for Washington, DC -- which indicates the conditions for the entire country, and Los Angeles, CA -- for a closer look at what to expect.  Our nation is experiencing troubled times.  Economic issues, a possible double-dip recession, an unemployment crisis, and war with other countries are areas of concern for us all.

Notes:  Carrows Restaurant has requested that we vacate the premises earlier than we have been, so please arrive as close to 6pm as possible so we can get to our speaker by 7:30pm.

We are always looking for interesting speakers or topics to be discussed, and are open to suggestions.  In the past, we have had some great parties, and we have gone to the racetrack (to test our astrological theories, of course) -- and some of us became fabulously wealthy. 

The Carroll Righter Foundation had its annual Halloween party.  The costumes and food demonstrated just how creative astrologers can be.

Halloween Party October 27 at Carroll Righter's!

Our Halloween party was at the Carroll Righter Foundation in Hollywood
Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Bring your potluck treat and entry is FREE.
Halloween costumes ARE encouraged!
Class from 7 to 9pm.
Potluck Party starts at 9!
1801 N. Curson St
Hollywood , CA 90046