Meeting Thursday, September 17

Carrows Restaurant: 18355 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana 818-343-0782

Speaker : Dan Khoury
Topic : Saturn's Journey through Libra and
I's Opposition to Uranus and Jupiter, and its Square to Pluto

Saturn's square to Pluto will be stressful as will it's opposition to Uranus and Jupiter. What will be the effects of this configuration? War, peace, changes in relationships? How will we be personally affected? Come and hear some interesting concepts regarding these upcoming events.

Dan began studying Astrology while in the army in South Vietnam 39 years ago. Beginning with Linda Goodman's sun sign book, he began his formal studies at the new age Philosophy center in Santa Monica. Most of his astrology is self-taught, but he has been attending the Carroll Righter Institute for the past 20 years, where he is a respected teacher. Dan has previously lectured at NCGR on understanding "Venus the Retrograde Cycles", "Pluto's entrance into Capricorn", and "The Astrological Symbolism in the Da Vinci Code"

Note: We should have our annual election, so all who wish to run for the following offices: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary should think about being nominated at our September 17th meeting. The candidates must be members of N.C.G.R. We can nominate at this September meeting.

All are requested to arrive at the meetings as close to 6:00 PM as possible, so that we can get to our speaker in a timely fashion, bearing in mind that we have the room for a limited time.

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