Meeting October 15, 2009

Speaker: Brian Evis. Topic: "MARS - Ignore it at Your Peril!"

With all the emphasis on the heavy outer planets, we tend to forget what a quick, sharp impact Mars has when it suddenly makes an aspect in our chart.  Brian will be discussing some of the lesser known qualities of Mars, and its aspects that are often overlooked -- but which still sometimes have an upsetting impact.  He will discuss the larger Mars cycles and how they will be affected by Saturn moving into the relationship sign of Libra on October 29th, and what this will mean for relationships for the next two years,

For the 2nd half of the lecture, Brian will talk about how Mars turning Retrograde in Leo on December 20 through March 11, 2010 will play out in each of the twelve houses of everyone's chart.  To enjoy the lecture all you need to remember is what aspects Mars makes in your chart, and in which house 19 degrees Leo to 0 degrees Leo falls. Everyone will be affected to a greater or lesser extent!

Brian Evis is a Certified Professional Astrologer by the International Society for Astrological Research  (ISAR).  Since 1980, he has provided astrological counseling and consulting services for thousands of clients -- including many successful leaders in the fields of entertainment and business, and fellow astrologers as well.  He has been lecturing at the Los Angeles NGCR meetings once or twice a year since 2001.