NCGR-LA Meeting Topics

       We will usually meet on the 4th Thursday, with a few exceptions for holidays. 
      6-7 PM Eat and socialize
      7-7:15 PM Welcome and "Spiritual Weather Report"
      7:15-8:30 PM  Speaker
      8:30-9 PM   Discussion

      $15 for guests and $10 for NCGR members. After 3 times as a guest, you must become an NCGR Member, which costs $55 per year and has many benefits.

        We look forward to seeing you. New people are very welcome, so please bring friends.        

September 20 (3rd Thursday)                    Armand Diaz  

 “A Kiss Is Still A Kiss-Or Is It?An Astrological History of Love & Sex Since Neptune’s Discovery”

October 25                                                 Ra Raghudas  

 “Jupiter in Sagittarius:A Horse of a Different Color”

November 29 (5th Thursday)                       Gayle Geffner
“Astrology for Career Success”

December 20 (3rd Thursday)                        Gaye Nelson  
“Trends for 2019 with Astrodrama”
January 24                                                   Donna Stellhorn
“Chinese Astrology 2019 Year of the Earth Pig;The Year Ahead”

February 28                                                 Sue Kientz     
“Makemake,Eris and Haumea:The Biggest Advance in Astrology since Uranus, Neptune and Pluto”

President Gaye Nelson, Vice-President Ra Rishikavi Raghudas,
Treasurer Charlene Whitaker, Membership Director Shelby Harras and
Webmaster Nancy Schorr     Gaye’s cell (310) 489-8149